Pop Headwound has been sharing the musical thoughts and ridiculous hyperbole of one individual, me, first on blogger and now here, since January 2007.  Mostly I post legal mp3s and streaming audio for curious and/or like-minded music fans.  I’m no professional, just an English teacher with a hobby, a keyboard, and some time on his hands after the wife and kids go to bed.  Feel free to come like the site on Facebook.  I usually link to my posts and I have a bunch of naked pictures of myself for yr enjoyment.   

There are a lot of amazing music blogs out there that cultivate a particular musical aesthetic for themselves.  PHW isn’t really one of those blogs.    I try to soak in as much as I can and share what I feel is worth sharing.  That being said I have a particular affinity for indie rock, garage, ambient/noise, folk, and things inspired by The Replacements.   

If you are in a band or represent a band that you think I might want to hear, by all means shoot me an email (popheadwound@gmail.com).  The name’s James.  If possible I much prefer links to bandcamp and soundcloud where I can take a quick, easy listen.  Myspace blows.  If I enjoy what I hear I’ll ask for a digital copy.  Sorry but I don’t really want your CD.  But if you want to hook me up with some vinyl, I’ll be your best friend.  Thanks…


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  1. Thank you. I feel ten years younger.

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