Wynn Walent – Songs In The Night

One of my favorite singer/songwriters that I’ve come across since starting this blog 6 years ago is Wynn Walent, whose music I’ve written about and shared on multiple occasions over the years.  Walent has only released, to my knowledge, a pair of EPs since 2007 – the masterful Upon Leaving and later another gem called Eating an Ocean.  The reason, I suppose, for the general lack of prolificacy is Walent’s commitments to bigger and more important causes than making great indie-folk songs.  He lives and works in Haiti, and devotes his time to educating and providing additional support for under-privileged children in one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere.  It’s admirable work that he’s involved in, as the accompanying video displays.

Recently Walent organized and lent his singing talents to an EP of Haitian spirituals called Songs In The Night.  The songs were recorded intimately in the chapel at St. Damien’s Hospital in Taberre, Haiti.  The result is a disarmingly beautiful collection of songs.  It’s a pay what you want at Bandcamp, but all proceeds will go to the Haitian voices heard in the music.  It’s significantly different than the usual PHW fare I post around here, but I’ll be damned if it didn’t knock my winter socks off when I first heard it.

Stream:  Ou Pa Janm Lage’m Yon Jou

Stream:  Koupe Kod La

And here’s one of my favorite Walent originals – it’s  from the Upon Leaving EP

MP3  ::  A Question of Water



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