ALBUMS of the YEAR 2012 #30-16

AOTY 2012

Splitting this list in half this year, the only reason being my blog is being a pain in the ass and not allowing me to upload so many jpegs into one post.  Weird, I’ve never had this issue in prior years. 

This year I got back to my roots and fell in love with a lot of primitive sounding rock records.  Looking over this part of the list (as well as part 2, coming real soon), it’s overrun with bands that play their guitars really loud (with only a few notable exceptions).  That’s what is doing it for me these days.  Also, it was harder than ever this year to keep up with posting everything I wanted to or was listening to – it just became an impossible task.  It doesn’t mean I was listening any less, and I think this year was a pretty solid one for new music overall. 

Though they didn’t make the cut, this year I also really enjoyed albums from White Fence, Lantern, Gap Dream, Woollen Kits, Mind Spiders, arrange, Dinosaur Jr., Dylan Ewen, Expwy, GY!BE, Craig Finn, Grizzly Bear, Merchandise, No Kill, Benjamin Shaw, Simon Joyner, and Spiritualized.

As always, thanks for reading.  My favorite songs list is coming soon as well.  Hope you are safe, have a handful of wonderful holidays, and that you find some new favorites…….   


30.  Departures / Still and Moving Lines

Stream: Pillars

Stream: Being There


29.  Guided by Voices / The Bears for Lunch

Stream: She Lives In An Airport


28.  Liars / WIXIW

Steam: No. 1 Against the Rush


27.  Hunx / Hairdresser Blues

Stream: Always Forever


26.  King Tuff  /  s/t

Stream: Keep On Moving

Stream: Bad Thing


25.  Howls / Rocky Ground


24.  Ty Segall & White Fence / Hair

Stream: I Am Not A Game


23.  The Tallest Man on Earth – There’s No Leaving Now


22.  Great Elk / Autogeography  

Stream: The Weight of the Sea

Stream: I’m Going to Bend


21.  Apache Dropout / Bubblegum Graveyard

Stream: I-80


20.  Lotus Plaza / Spooky Action at a Distance

Stream: Monoliths


19.  Tame Impala / Lonerism

Stream: Apocalypse Dream

04) Beach House

18.  Beach House / Bloom

Stream: Myth


17.  Frank Ocean / channel ORANGE


16.  Thee Oh Sees / Putrifiers II

Stream: Lupine Dominus




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