Introducing: Dylan Ewen

If the songs of Dylan Ewen sound hopelessly brash and juvenile, well, that’s probably what drew me to them in the first place.  That and Fort Worthless might be the “Album Title of the Year”.  In the email he sent along last week Ewen said, “It’s about real life being a bummer, girls that suck, and porn.  I hope you enjoy it.  I really like Bob Dylan.”  Though tracks like “Floral Dresses” and “You’re A Bitch” share little of his idol’s lyrical sophistication, Ewen’s songs tap into a something as similarly raw and passionate as Highway 61 Revisited – or maybe what that unmitigated classic would sound like if it was inspired by The Replacements’ Kids Don’t Follow mini-LP.  Check out those two below and the whole thing on Bandcamp.  The physical release was handled by BUFU Records.

MP3  ::  Floral Dresses

MP3  ::  You’re A Bitch

(from Fort Worthless. Buy here)



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