Spider Bags – Shake My Head

Musically speaking, I didn’t have a lot to say this past summer.  PHW was pretty dormant for 2 or 3 months, but now that I’m back on here a couple of times a week I ought to let you in on something I’ve had in heavy rotation since it dropped in early August.  Chapel Hill, NC garage-punks Spider Bags released their third LP, Shake My Head, and, being that the band had been Titus Andronicus-approved on that mixtape thing they did earlier this year, I gave it a spin and fell in love.  Way more diverse than your average garage band, Spider Bags bring the juice on rockers like “Friday Night” and “Keys to the City” but also drop spooky Americana/noir ballads  like “Daymare” or strutting, 70’s styled power-pop like “Standing on a Curb”.  It’s all tied together by Dan McGee’s rapid fire & witty vocals – every song here has clever lines (more like one-liners) that will jump out at you (such as “I’ve been living in the same town my whole life, now I’m cheating on my girlfriend with my ex-wife” or “And I feel like Jesus sounds”).  But McGee draws real emotion out of seemingly simple lines just as well – I can’t believe how anthemic something like “Ain’t it tough, falling out of love? Ain’t it tough, tough, tough” (“Friday Night”’s huge chorus) sounds coming from him.  All in all, this is easily one of the most surprising and rewarding records I’ve heard over the past few months.  It’s available through Odessa Records.


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