White Fence – Family Perfume Vol 1 & 2

Between the 29-song Family Perfume Vol. 1 & 2 and the collaborative LP Hair with Ty Segall dropping in about 2 weeks, the market will soon be positively flooded with new tracks from Tim Presley’s White Fence project.  That might be an issue if he was a lesser songwriter, but the consistently rewarding Family Perfume proves that too much White Fence isn’t necessarily enough.  The album, split in half and being released within weeks of each other, offers a constant stream of Presley’s distorted take on the lo-fi/psychedelic/garage genres – this is a charmingly ramshackle set that sounds every bit as drugged-out as you want it to.  You’ll hear echoes of all your Summer of Love heroes, but Presley’s prolificacy suggests he might be a West Coast answer to Robert Pollard.    

MP3  ::  It Will Always Be (edit)

MP3  ::  Swagger Vets and Double Moon

(from Family Perfume Vol. 1. Buy here)

MP3  ::  King of the Decade

(from Family Perfume Vol. 2. Pre-order here)



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