Introducing: Lantern

From deep down in the Philadelphia underground comes Lantern, a skuzzy, scrappy, garage/rock band led by Montreal-transplant Zachary Fairbrother.  Fairbrother has spoken in interviews about his love for The Rolling Stones, and Burned Youth, their new collection of outtakes and unused songs from 2009-2011, certainly shows a deep love for the world’s greatest rock & roll band, especially the big hits and fazed cookies of the band’s early days.  In fact some of these tracks sound like dead ringers to early Stones’ classics – I half expect him to start singing “love is love, and not fade away” during “I Don’t Know” or bust into the chorus of “The Last Time” during opener “Bleed Me Dry”.  Burned Youth also features a couple of extended, droning jams that draw from mid-period VU and a handful of proto-punk workouts that recall early Stooges.  So yeah, they get some cred points for the influences, but Burned Youth is much more than just an exercise in rehashing the classics.  With a degree in music composition, Fairbrother has no problem mixing melodies that stick in your head with dirty, minimalist rock & roll arrangements.  This is some real good shit.  Lantern has released a series of cassettes and 7” singles over the past year or two, much of which is available on their Bandcamp page for cheap.  Highly recommended, and big time props.

MP3  ::  I Don’t Know

MP3  ::  Bleed Me Dry

(from Burned Youth. Buy here)



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