Gentleman Jesse – Leaving Atlanta

Gentleman Jesse is back after a few years in hiding and, for pure bash & pop, you can’t do much better than his new LP Leaving Atlanta.  The long awaited follow up to 2008’s smashing Introducing Gentleman Jesse, Leaving Atlanta dropped a few weeks back and is filled, once again, with endlessly catchy and energetic sing-a-longs.  Dude basically writes one song, but does it so well that you hardly care.  The 13 new tracks breeze by with barely a ballad or stylistic left-turn to be found.  No matter.  The writing here is sharp, if not as consistent as the debut, and, as the title suggests, conveys feelings of escape and moving on.  I’ll be damned though if a song title like “Eat Me Alive” on an album called Leaving Atlanta doesn’t make me think of The Walking Dead.  That’s more likely an unintended connection, but imagining Jesse running (with an armful of records) down the street being stalked by a couple of walkers only adds to the urgency.  Anyway, similar records by The Tough Shits and Hunx have really caught my ear this year, and Leaving Atlanta is another of the type –brash, spirited, fun, catchy as hell.  I know, it’s only rock & roll…..

MP3  ::  Eat Me Alive

(from Leaving Atlanta. Buy here)



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