Expwy – Bag of Waters

Expwy’s Matt LeGroulx works fast – his recent Bag of Waters is the third free full length he’s released in the past 9 months.  The rapid succession of new songs doesn’t seem to be trading anything off in quality though.  If anything, Bag of Waters is his most consistent and rewarding collection yet, continuing to explore the sounds of the early days of rock radio.  Instead of drawing on the same dusty 70’s AM dial as Total Gold or Dance Maul, Bag of Waters looks back to the primitive era of 60’s garage bands.  His fluid guitar playing continues to be a huge plus, providing these songs with worlds more gravity than a lesser musician would be able to conjure.  It’s all shot through with a lo-fi, DIY attitude and big bag of strong hooks.  As long as they continue to be this good, Expwy should just keep them coming.

MP3  ::  Deep and Frozen Mother Nude

MP3  ::  Foppish Gallant and Scarecrow Thin

MP3  ::  Smoked and Crossed Up Into Fists

(from Bag of Waters. Download here)



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