[mp3] Out Like Lambs – “Older Whispers”

Back in 2010 New Jersey experimental folk ensemble Out Like Lambs released a sprawling LP called Not So Winter Waltz that sounded like some sort of free-jazz take on Americana music.  The songs stretched out in a wide array of directions and often with long running times, usually seeming to be more like improvisational pieces than rehearsed songs – which was likely a result of the fact that there were 16 credited musicians in the liner notes.  On their latest EP, the self-titled Out Like Lambs, the band scales things back considerably.  These 5 songs retain the previous album’s slow, spacious arrangements and knack for haunting female vocals, but everything seems tighter and more focused.  A prime example is album opener “Older Whispers”, a rickety folk song that manages to sound lush and mysterious and maybe a little haunted all in under 4 minutes.

The band was kind enough to send along an extra copy of the EP to me.  So, have a listen to “Older Whispers” below, email me (with “Out Like Lambs” as the subject) what you like about the song and one lucky responder will get a free vinyl copy of the EP sent to them.  Deal?

MP3  ::  Older Whispers

(from Out Like Lambs. Email OLL for ordering info)



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