Introducing: Slow Country

Joining The Howls’ fantastic Rocky Ground from not too long ago, Slow Country’s new The Late Great Slow Country is one of the finest country-leaning records I’ve heard this year.  Amazing to think that it was recorded in Long Island City, Queens, a place that doesn’t have a tree for, like,  a 5 mile radius.  The band is the work of two distinct songwriters – Boyd Shropshire and Chase King – each bringing a unique spin to the band’s spaced-out folk/rock.  The album is excellent straight through, from the folksy shoegaze of opener “Stars That Lead Us” to the hushed beauty of King’s closer “Moon Won’t Glow”.  But it’s a pair of Shropshire’s songs, with the same stoned, drawling affect as J. Mascis, that have had me completely hooked for the past few nights.  “Yes You Have” is a weepy lap-steel lament and “Land I Love” has a half-speed propulsion like something from Sun Kil Moon or Silver Jews at their most dynamic.  Highly recommended stuff.

MP3  ::  Yes You Have

MP3  ::  Land I Love

(from The Late Great Slow Country. Name Your Price here)



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