[mp3] Damien Jurado – “Museums of Flight”

I’ve been a casual fan of Damien Jurado for years, but haven’t been blown away by a record of his since 2003’s gorgeous, traditional-folk leaning Where Shall You Take Me?  In fact, I’ve gotten into the bad habit of giving his more recent records a couple of cursory spins and then sort of forgetting about them.  In fact, if it wasn’t for a trusted friend of mine imploring me to give the recently released Maraqopa more attention I would have continued to miss out on something very special.  It’s been getting a lot of play around here for over a week now and I can say it’s his best effort since the aforementioned WSYTM?  The teaming up with music compatriot Richard Swift is breathing new life into Jurado’s career (I’ve also been reacquainting myself with the overlooked Saint Bartlett from 2010), as the two combine their respective strengths (Jurado focusing on lyrics and melody, Swift on sonic accompaniment) to forge something truly special.  Even after he spends much of the record breaking new sonic ground (see the jazz guitar workout “Nothing is the News” or the whimsical “Life Away From the Garden”), it’s the final two more traditional sounding tracks that I find most spellbinding.  “Museums of Flight” in particular just soars, riding what is easily one of the most memorable melodies Jurado’s ever been a part of for almost 3 perfect minutes.  It could last twice as long easily and never lose me…

MP3  ::  Museums of Flight

(from Maraqopa. Buy here)



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