[mp3] Adam Chandler – “Black Tranquility”

PHW fave Adam Chandler is prepping the release of his fourth album.  The impeccably named Skull Windows takes Chandler’s sound even further away from his folk/punk early days (his 2007 album Icon T-Shirt is not to be missed) into the rhythmic dark-pop he first explored on last year’s Spider Sleep.  With its languid, minimal instrumental backing, lead track “Black Tranquility” creeps into your skull on the strength of Chandler’s seasoned rasp and an addictively repetitive melody.  It’s a signifier of what Chandler brings to the table throughout Skull Windows.  Though not as immediate as older tracks like “All I Want Is You”, “LBT”, or “Shine to Me”, these songs are equally impassioned and grow on you with repeat spins.  Chandler says his back catalog will soon be re-available through his Folding Leg Records website, and there’s a Kickstarter campaign going to get Skull Windows pressed to vinyl.

MP3  ::  Black Tranquility

(from Skull Windows. Info here)


Older jams:

MP3  ::  All I Want Is You

(from Vacation)

MP3  ::  Shine to Me

(from Icon T-Shirt)

MP3  ::  Woe is Me

(from Spider Sleep)



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