Great Elk to release Autogeography

I’ve had a handful of listens to Great Elk’s just announced debut full length Autogeography and it’s just a huge step forward for the Brooklyn based band (and PHW friends).  The remnants of the very promising self-titled 2010 indie/folk EP, as well as its DIY EP follow up February, are still there, especially on the amazing “Your Worst Nightmare” and “I’m Going To Bend”, but Paul Basile and co. have taken the sound on most of these new songs to a much more polished and sonically ambitious place than what they’ve shown before.  They’re now writing rustic rock anthems worthy of Band of Horses or My Morning Jacket.  Get ready people, it drops May 22.

I don’t have any new songs to share with you as of yet, but check out “Bow Echo”, “Vibrations”, and “Walk Down Yr Own Rd” from the earlier EPs if you haven’t already.

MP3  ::  Bow Echo

MP3  ::  Vibrations

(from Great Elk. Download here)

MP3  ::  Walk Down Yr Own Road

(from February. Download here)



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