[mp3] French Kissing – “I Want More”

French Kissing, British purveyors of shimmering beach-pop/garage rock, have been relatively quiet in the 2+ years since blowing my mind with their “Oh Suzanne” single back in early 2010.  Since then the band has stuck their head out of the water only once, to my knowledge, releasing the track “Beach Ball” on a compilation called Endless Bummer.  Well, just in time to keep you warm on this upcoming frigid weekend is a smokin’ new jam called “I Want More”, which is an older track  and has been gathering dust for a while.  Whatever the reason for its hibernation, it’s a perfect showcase for the band’s fine sense of vintage recording techniques and multi-part harmonies.  Also in the works is a single called Wild Women/Love is For for French label Croque Macadam.  That one’s due March 19, and hopefully we’ll get our hands on a sample from that for your listening pleasure before too long.  Until then, here’s some more summer bliss for the dog days of (this admittedly mild) winter.

MP3  ::  I Want More

(Bandcamp single, available here)




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