5 Years/5 Songs: 2011

This post brings to an end the weeklong 5 Years/5 Songs series I’ve been running to commemorate 5 years of music blogging here on Pop Headwound.  Five overlooked gems from each of the past five years – I hope you found yourself a couple of new favorites this week that you previously missed.  For this 2011 edition I thought it better to steer clear of anything I shared on my recent Favorite 2011 Songs and Albums lists and highlight a few songs that were very close, a few I recently discovered, and one that should have been included but was forgotten.  And there are 6 today because I couldn’t decide which one to cut.  Once again, here are the 2007, 2008, 2009, & 2010 posts to check out.    

Apache Dropout / I’m So Glad

Here’s the lead off track from the self-titled debut of Apache Dropout, the most discordant garage rock revivalists I’ve heard yet.  “I’m So Glad” plays it moderately straight though, and sounds like a rescue from the White Light/White Heat cutting room floor.  I can’t think of a higher compliment. 

Family Portrait / Other Side

Somehow I totally forgot about Family Portrait’s propulsive blast of psyche/folk when I compiled my 50 Favorites list a few weeks back.  What an absolutely killer song. 

Just Another Snake Cult / I Know She Does

Just Another Snake Cult is the recording project of Iceland’s Thor Bogason, and this positively soaring indie-pop gem, recorded in his bedroom, is from an album called Ghosts.

Young Adults / Let Us Out

This is one huge, sinister-sounding, punk-as-fuck jam right here.

The Capstan Shafts / Degenerate Era Sweetheart

Vermont’s Dean Wells has been churning out super lo-fi, Propeller-era GBV inspired albums for over a decade now.  Somehow I never got around to posting about his fine 2011 collection Kind Empires, and re-listening to opener “Degenerate Era Sweetheart” makes me think I missed the boat on that one. 

Total Control / Carpet Rash

In the wake of discovering the phenomenal Royal Headache LP a few weeks back, I’ve just recently caught up with another of Australia’s up-and-coming bands, Total Control.   Like Weekend’s “Coma Summer” from 2010, “Carpet Rash” is an extended, intense psyche/rock marathon. 



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