5 Years/5 Songs: 2009

Continuing this week’s theme of resurrecting, year by year, some seriously overlooked jams from the past 5 years, here’s a batch from 2009 that deserve another listen.  After you grab these songs and they become your new favorites, check into what I shared from 2007 and 2008.

Simon Joyner / Roll On

The ramshackle folk/rock of “Roll On” closes Joyner’s inexplicably overlooked Out into the Snow – a mostly meditative folk album featuring Joyner’s brilliantly elliptical songwriting.  This one’s got such a great opening couplet (“You were up to your necklace/in drunk friends and wreckage”) that you almost miss all the other highly quotable lines (like “And now you’re Jesus’ age/But you’ve only been betrayed/By the calendar”) littered throughout.

Old Canes / Little Bird Courage

Old Canes is the side project of Chris Crisci of The Appleseed Cast, and “Little Bird Courage” is a blast of raucous, barreling folk music that kicks off Feral Harmonic.  If you’re not shouting along with the closing call-and-response then we can’t be friends anymore.

Brook Pridemore / Just Like Nathan Hale Pt. 2

This folk/punk song comes from Pridemore’s A Brighter Light, a vicious song cycle that sounds like The Mountain Goats meets underground NYC folk hero Ed Hamell.

Soft Black / The Earth is Black

Led by Vincent Cacchione, NY folk/rock band Soft Black dropped one of 2008’s truly great albums in The Earth Is Black.  The title track is an intense, agenda-setting tour-de-force with some serious fangs.

The Mantles / Don’t Lie

The Mantles are yet another amazing group of garage revivalists from San Francisco.  This is one hell of a finely-constructed song – the guitar sound is scathing and I love how the tension is finally relieved by that indelible closing refrain. 




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