5 Years/5 Songs: 2007

It was way back in January of 2007 that I revved up the prehistoric blogspot version of PHW and began this all-consuming hobby of mine wherein I write about and share the music that matters to me.  It’s kind of depressing to think about all that I might have been able to do with the literally thousands of hours I’ve spent sitting in front of a computer in the intervening time.  I could have watched about 700 more movies, read about 300 more books, run about 5000 more miles, or hell, fathered 3 or 4 more children.  5 years is a long time.  I’ve gotten married (just once), had 3 beautiful daughters, moved 6 times (and another coming in about 9 months), and worked 3 or 4 side jobs in addition to my main gig teaching since the first time I clicked “publish”.   

I thought about doing a big “favorite albums 2007-2011” list or something to celebrate the milestone (and I still might).  But more appropriately I thought I should revisit and share a bunch of songs I’ve discovered and loved over the past 5 years that I feel deserve another listen.  Over the next week I’ll be sharing 5 songs a day from each year since I started PHW.  Songs that I feel didn’t get the widespread acclaim I think they should have.  Some are local musicians I saw in small clubs and bars along the way, some are national artists who don’t get mentioned as much as they maybe should.  Today I’m starting off with a batch from 2007 – a year dominated by Panda Bear, LCD Soundsystem, Arcade Fire, The National, and Radiohead.  Here are 5 songs that I wrote about back then and love even more today.  Hope you find something great that you missed the first time around:

Lucero / I Can Get Us Out of Here Tonight

Led by the raspy-throated Ben Nichols, Memphis roughnecks Lucero released a string of stirring, drunken punk/soul albums leading up to Rebels, Rogues, & Sworn Brothers.  “I Can Get Us Out of Here Tonight” is a shit hot showdown where Drive-by Truckers-like southern rock fury meets the stadium-sized drama of The E-Street Band.

Adam Chandler / Shine to Me

Chandler is still a mystery even after all this time.  Though the enigmatic Virginia songwriter has released a couple of gems over the years, he still has hardly any online presence whatsoever.  The simple and passionate “Shine to Me” comes from his Icon T-Shirt album, which you probably won’t be able to find anymore unless you happen to live next door to him.  If I had his address I’d give it to you – it might be worth moving there.

The Octopus Project / I Saw the Bright Shinies

This Austin band, somewhat forgotten here in 2012, struck gold with this shimmering electro-pop instrumental from Hello, Avalanche.

Wynn Walent / A Question of Water

The very admirable Wynn Walent spends most of his time working/volunteering in Haiti, so it’s only a rare treat when you can catch him playing shows around Brooklyn these days.  Regardless, he has managed to drop a handful of excellent releases over the past 5 years.  The winding “A Question of Water” comes from his Upon Leaving EP.

Eric Wolfson / Sleeping Is A Sucker’s Game

State Street Rambler wears Wolfson’s Dylan fixation on the sleeve, and this anti-folk theme song vividly captures the life and times of the Sidewalk Café Open Mic regulars.




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