[2011 Catch Up] Mikal Cronin

Like Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, and Sic Alps, Mikal Cronin is yet another member of San Francisco’s burgeoning garage/psyche scene.  He’s pals with those guys too, with Segall producing a recent 7” for Goner and John Dwyer of Thee Oh Sees pitching in some help on “You Gotta Have Someone”.  And the catchy-as-hell self-titled debut really impresses – less overtly bizarre than Castlemania, this record captures an extremely consistent pop songwriter in full break-out mode.  With an album so full of melodies that reach back to garage rock’s 60’s heyday, “mutant Californian fuzz”, gritty production, and some inspired instrumental surprises (a flute solo on the otherwise punk/Beach Boys rave “Is It Alright”!), Cronin should be one to keep an eye on in 2012 and beyond.  After discovering Thee Oh Sees last week and now this, I’m just left wondering what other lovely San Fran surprises are around the corner.

MP3  ::  Apathy

(from Mikal Cronin. Buy here)

“You Gotta Have Someone”:



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