[2011 Catch Up] Clams Casino

NJ-based producer Mike Volpe, better known as Clams Casino, very quietly had a prolific and remarkable run in 2011.  He turned up on releases from Mac Miller and, more prominently, A$AP Rocky, scored a buzz hit with “I’m God” (first shared that one here) and dropped an EP of originals called Rainforest.  But it’s the self-released instrumental mixtape of tracks he produced for Lil’ B, Soulja Boy, and Main Attrakionz, among others, that’s turned up all over Best of 2011 lists over the past few weeks.  Without rap vocals on top, his songs fall somewhere closer to ambient/trip-hop than hip-hop – slow beats; gauzy, fading electronic sounds, lo-fi production, and the occasional abstract vocal presence.  It’s truly hypnotic and beautiful stuff and definitely something I wish I checked out earlier.  There’s a brand new 320 kbps version of Instrumentals making its way around right now.  Props to Weekly Tape Deck, etc

MP3  ::  Motivation

MP3  ::  Realist Alive

(from Instrumentals. Download here)


MP3  ::  I’m God


MP3  ::  Palace (prod. By Clams Casino)

MP3  ::  Demons (prod. by Clams Casino)

(from LiveLoveA$AP. Download here)



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