[2011 Catch Up] Royal Headache

As always in December, I’ve been spending time lately scouring “Best of” lists around the web looking for things I missed out on.  Thank God for LHB, right?  Just when you think you’ve heard everything you wanted and needed to hear to document the year as completely as possible along comes an otherworldly instrumental hip-hop mixtape or an oddly affecting update of Depression-era dance standards to throw a wrench in the proverbial spokes (more on those coming soon).  Or some raucous Australian garage/punk, for that matter. 

Which brings me to Royal Headache.  I love the idea of bands working within the garage rock spectrum – it’s an amazing sound when done right.  And Royal Headache capture a modern version of the sound perfectly over the course of 12 tracks on their full length debut.  I can’t believe this didn’t get more attention this year in the U.S. – from start to finish this album just flat out destroys.  Apparently the sold-out vinyl will be repressed in January by R.I.P. Society.  Thanks Dusted and Rose Quartz for the heads up on this one.

MP3  ::  Never Again

MP3  ::  Down the Lane

(from Royal Headache. Purchase here)





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