[guest post] 2011 in Review, Vol. 6 – The Creepy Crawlies

Every December I ask some of the artists I’ve written about over the course of the previous 12 months to reflect back on what inspired them that year.  Next up on the guest post cue is Chris Donlon of The Creepy Crawlies.  Having penned one of the best pure indie-pop songs of the year in the irresistible “Get Buried!”, Donlon is surely one who knows a quality tune when he hears one.  Or two.  Check out his take on two of his favorite songs of the year:   

Two Polaroids from my Personal Music-Memory Matrix of 2011:

Eleanor Friedberger – “I Won’t Fall Apart on You Tonight”

I’m passing Balboa. Eleanor is singing “I won’t fall apart on you tonight… but I don’t know what tomorrow may bring.”

I can’t remember if there are stars in the sky. But there is darkness. It feels like the freeway is stretching out like taffy, pulling all the other cars away from mine. Certain songs have this effect on me. My vision blurs and I’m having trouble focusing. My hand feels shaky on the steering wheel. I picture rain fighting against windshield wipers, tears fighting against time, and wonder at the small mercy of a moment to moment “keeping it together” vs. the ominous uncertainty of tomorrow. I hope I don’t cause an accident. “Sorry officer, I was driving under the influence of a song with unexpected emotional impact…”  

Peter Bjorn and John – “Down Like Me”

Peter is sweating profusely. I know this because of the way the stage lights accentuate the gleam of perspiration on his skin. He exudes a boyish enthusiasm as he unselfconsciously leaps like a rock star. I realize he is a rock star. This is a rock show and they are in the middle of performing that great rock show cliche – the extended end of set “jam” out of a song into a final tsunami of cathartic chaos. My posture slackens and I start to sway. A rising flood of feedback lifts the once-heavy and obtrusive thoughts out of my head and evaporates them into the air. “Down Like Me” sounds like an eviscerated epiphany I’m happy to just wade through the wreckage of.

And here’s The Creepy Crawlies, from their album Get Buried!”



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