[guest post] 2011 in Review, Vol. 5 – David Shane Smith


Tonight LA-based singer/songwriter/producer and long time PHW fave David Shane Smith becomes the latest artist to reflect on his 2011.  Controls SM, which was released back in January, is his best record yet.  It’s an expansive electro/folk journey through our decaying natural world, which is perhaps best reflected on the ethereal “Shampoo” and the auto-tuned sing-speak of “Benzene”.  Check out those two tracks streaming below.  A consistently prolific dude, Smith’s also got a new free digital 7” available on Everything Is Chemical.


The Year in Rear View in No Particular Order

By david shane smith


1. The last writer, Carl (see below) mentioned William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops. I’m mentioning them again.


2. Telafonica is a collective making music and art that has a contemporary pulse without coming off as trend hoppy.


3. Roland Barthes. I read all of Roland’s books except for Camera Obscura. Woops!


4. Teaadora Nikolova. This aesthetically and conceptually androgynous singer songwriter released some strong music this year.  I had the pleasure of playing a show with Teaadora and it was one of the most memorable so far.


5. Brian Eno’s cards are designed to jolt your imagination out of habits that might lead to frustration in design projects. I like to consult them and now thanks to this boring looking website, so can you.


6. Do you like rock and roll? I KNOW you do! These guys are building a following in Los Angeles because they deserve it: LA Font


7. Lucky number 7! I will close with the drawings of Laurie Lipton. She’s a favorite of mine. Apparently she lives in Los Angeles right now but I am not going to stalk her.






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