[guest post] 2011 in Review, Vol. 1 – Antiques

Kicking off PHW’s annual Year in Review guest post series is Antiques, whose 2011 record JWNS is an endearingly slapdash collection of 90’s-influenced indie-rock.  It’s also a free download available right here, so no excuses.  Here’s Timothy from the band recapping Antiques’ 2K11:   


You’ll have to forgive me; I’m no good at writing retrospectives like this, particularly considering how out of touch we all are with music in this band, or the state of music, or new music, or whatever one calls it. I discover all my music in a non-linear, non-chronological fashion. We’re a fairly hermetic band and I think we get less of our inspiration from Western Mass rock than appears on the surface. Most of the time, I listen to Hank Mobley while I’m cooking or something; I don’t listen to enough music and I listen to too much. Not to mention, in the last year, I’ve become an old person, and I no longer enjoy shows. It is mostly you young people who are ruining it for me, with your hip pants and your rock ‘n roll music. How can I compete?


Through the first 5 months or so of this year, we were putting the finishing touches on the JWNS mixes. My Winter and Spring were dominated by three albums, all old: Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, Steve Reich’s The Desert Music, and the Magnetic Fields’ Charm of the Highway Strip. JWNS was mixed under the influence of those albums, but you wouldn’t know if if you heard it. JWNS sounds (production-wise) more like Jay Reatard’s Watch Me Fall mixed with Sebadoh’s III, two other albums that I enjoyed in the early part of the year.


I was also very fortunate (if that’s the word you want to use) to witness the death of LCD Soundsystem this year, twice. The first show was at Terminal 5 (for New York readers, the worst venue ever, yes?) and the second was Madison Square Garden (the 2nd worst venue). I have to admit that they made Terminal 5 seem almost tolerable with their very long and energetic show. I will miss that band. I’m lucky, sometimes, that I live in New York City, even though at times I want to kill everyone and bust out of town on the MetroNorth toward the Catskills.


Like most people of my construction and upbringing, I liked the Yuck album a lot. I’m upset I never got to see them this year, but then the shows probably would’ve been populated by morons anyway. I’d say that band was my summer band this year. Who cares if it’s regurgitated Dinosaur Jr.? It’s fucking great. Billy calls it a “nostalgia meatball.” I like that term. My year has also been continuously dominated by Twin Shadow’s Forget. I feel like I’m behind on that one, but I’m behind on everything.


Since the fall, I’ve been interested in the very underrated There Is No Enemy by Built to Spill. There are a couple of groaney, soppy ballads on there I don’t like, but the melodies make up for it. I’ve also been really into Lou Reed’s The Blue Mask (and I have a deep respect for Lulu), Carter Tanton’s Freeclouds, Atlas Sound’s Parallax, Woods’ Sun and Shade, Tycho’s Dive, and David Byrne and Brian Eno’s Everything That Happens Will Happen Today.


In the wake of Thanksgiving, I feel I should be thankful for Spotify coming to the States this year. I have always been a poor person and my poverty has been perpetuated by my insistence on buying all music. Now that I have some demonic corporation to rob people of royalties for me (i.e. I no longer have to steal their albums directly; I have an intermediary!), I can get as many albums as I want in a given month. I go through albums really fast and I give almost everything a chance if I like the cover art. I also hate the structure of the music business and I have been reluctant to ever sell anything we put out. It’s bad enough how attention seeking and fad driven being a musician is; why add money into the mix? So you can afford your goddamn Ray-Ban’s and play shitty Bon Iver songs in the subway again? Sometimes I want to punch every musician who plays in public in the fucking face. In fact, no one should ever play or create music ever. I quit.


Here are ten albums I listened to this year of which I approve for your consumption:


The Books – The Lemon of Pink/The Way Out

Yuck – S/T

Robyn – Body Talk

Orange Juice – The Glasgow School

Built to Spill – There Is No Enemy

Ahmad Jamal – Live at the Pershing

Lou Reed – The Blue Mask

Bjork – Biophilia

Talking Heads – Everything ever by them

Broadcast – Haha Sound



MP3  ::  Everybody! Do the Twist

MP3  ::  Forgiveness

MP3  ::  ETC

(from JWNS. Buy here)



Introducing: Antiques

Further into Songs // Antiques – “Everybody! Do the Twist”

Antiques – “ETC”



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