Introducing: The Bailey Hounds

Not too long ago I got a tip from a trusted friend to check out Philly-based folk band The Bailey Hounds.  I’ve been listening to their debut, Along the Gallows, the past two nights and can’t help but be reminded of late-period Whiskeytown.  These songs are more carefully crafted and produced than the still-rough-around-the-edges Stranger’s Almanac, but the posthumous Pneumonia is an apt reference point, especially on the title track and “Those Devils Don’t Scare Me”.  There’s rambling country rock, dusty, lovelorn ballads, and the occasional bluesy shuffle filling Along the Gallows, and the songs are nothing if not consistent.  Though Ryan Adams has only managed a handful of good songs and goofy videos since Heartbreaker, bands like The Bailey Hounds are filling the void.

MP3  ::  Along the Gallows

(from Along the Gallows. Buy here)



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