Centro-matic – Candidate Waltz

I’m finally finding myself catching up with Centro-matic’s Candidate Waltz after a few months of, for some strange reason, not giving it nearly the attention it deserves.  Released over the summer with little fanfare, the Denton, TX band’s 9th studio record (I might be off on that exact number, with all the side projects and what not) stands up admirably to their long and impressive run of albums over the past 15 years.  Candidate Waltz is a bit more stripped down and rhythmic than previous efforts, with some songs even approaching a Spoon-like degree of air-tight minimalism.  Fear not though fans of Love You Just the Same or Distance + Clime – the feedback and electric guitars still erupt and Will Johnson’s growl is as distinct and effective as ever.  The highlight for me is “Only in My Double Mind”, arguably the most immediate song ever penned by Johnson and an instant classic.  The colorful video finds him painting the cover art with pizza, wine, and chickens flying pretty much all over the place.  Not sure how he gets it done in 4 minutes with so many distractions, but he does. 

MP3  ::  Only in My Double Mind

(from Candidate Waltz. Buy here)



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