[mp3] Oneohtrix Point Never – “Replica”

“Replica” is the title track from Oneohtrix Point Never’s new record,  out this week on Software.  It begins as a somber piano piece, not unlike one of those Vince Guaraldi interludes that reminded you just how much of a sadsack Charlie Brown could be.  But the track devolves several times into disquieting static and noise, creating fleeting moments of tension before always coming back to the sorrowful piano chords at the song’s heart.  It’s a subtly powerful piece of music, and one which works as a fine entry point into Daniel Lopatin’s latest work as OPN.  Most of the songs on Replica shift, sometimes gradually, sometimes jarringly, between harsh noise and ambient beauty, and it’s the tension and unpredictability inherent in those contrasts that make Replica such a disarming listening experience.

MP3  ::  Replica

(from Replica. Buy/Stream here)



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