Introducing: Expwy

Big time props to Quick Before it Melts for tipping me (us) off to the excellent new album from Expwy.  The Montreal “band” is the songwriting vehicle for Matt LeGroulx.  On Dance Maul, LeGroulx gathers inspiration from time spent in NYC, which comes through thanks to the throwback sound and old-time artwork that accompanies each track.  LeGroulx conjures up a retro, vintage sonic world on the self-recorded album through the use of reverb, ghostly organs, and some righteous guitar solos (I can’t help but hear the fluid jams of the The Allman Brothers in tunes like “Armory Hall”).  This one’s a truly pleasant surprise and something well worth checking out.  And hey, it’s completely free, so get on it asap.

MP3  ::  Armory Hall

MP3  ::  Park Row

(from Dance Maul. Download here)



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