Introducing: Crystal Shipsss

Crystal Shipsss is the latest guise of Berlin-based songwriter Jacob Faurholt, the same dude who’s recently released a brooding folk album (Dark Hours) under his own name and, before that, some blistering indie-rock as Why Write? (download “Burning Holes” below immediately!).  Yay shows Faurholt’s adept at yet another genre variation – the ten songs here are an exercise in weird folk/pop concision.  Intended to eventually see proper widespread release, Yay sports a disarming falsetto throughout from Faurholt and arrangements that emphasize melody and noise in equal measure.  It’s an impressive little record that, on its best songs (“Smile”, “Geyser”, “Uh Huh”), is truly captivating.  Check out the streaming record below.


MP3  ::  Burning Holes

(from Why Write? EP.  Listen here)

MP3  ::  Creatures in the Sea

(from Dark Hours.  Buy here)



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