[mp3] Forest Fire – “Mtns Are Mtns”

Forest Fire’s“Slow Motion”, a ramshackle, campfire sing-along reimagining of VU’s “Heroin” from their 2008 debut Survival, was one of my favorite songs of that year.  The Brooklyn fuzz/folk band is now readying the follow up – Staring at the X will be released October 17 through Fat Cat.  “Mtns Are Mtns” is a promising first listen – rooted in traditional folk, the experimental track sounds as though it’s ready to crash land at any moment.  After 2 and a half minutes it finally does – its buzz-saw guitars giving way to an all-too-brief sax solo (as true a wtf moment as I’ve heard all year)before simply dropping off the map completely.  Truly excellent stuff, can’t wait to hear more.

MP3  ::  Mtns Are Mtns

(from Staring at the X. Info here)



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