[mp3] A.A. Bondy – “Surfer King”

Had my first real listen to Believers this morning during a typically arduous drive to work.  I was immediately struck by how carefully crafted and sequenced the new record is in a way that American Hearts or When the Devil’s Loose never really managed.  I mean, I love Bondy’s previous work, but both of those albums always seemed to me more like collections of (mostly excellent) independent songs rather than single artistic visions.  His latest sounds as though the full band tracks from When the Devil’s Loose were a warm up for this one.  Believers downplays melody, immediacy, and ringing acoustic guitars for something darker, moodier, and more complete start to finish.  In no way, shape, or form does it sound anything like Public Strain, but I couldn’t help being reminded of Women’s brilliant 2010 noise/rock masterpiece when I was listening.  Maybe it’s the shared sense of blurred loneliness depicted on each album cover, or perhaps the way both seem to create their own uniquely claustrophobic little worlds.  Whatever, Believers was a striking first listen and a record that seems like it’ll just get better the more times you get lost in it.  You’ve probably heard “The Heart Is Willing” by now, but today NPR debuted another new cut from the album – “Surfer King”.  Believers drops this week through Fat Possum.

MP3  ::  Surfer King  

(from Believers. Buy here)



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