[mp3] Howth – “Deep in My Heart”

“Deep in My Heart” is an evocative, deeply affecting new spaced-out folk ballad from cross-continental recording duo Howth.  I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard to this point from the band, including their bare-bones take on Dolly Parton’s “I Will Always Love You”, but this song is truly on a whole new level for them.  To me it sounds a lot like At Dawn-era My Morning Jacket, which is by far my favorite MMJ record.  Howth songwriters Blake Luley and Carl Creighton recently finished a new EP called Do With Me What You Will completely via email between Minnesota and Palestine.  Hopefully there will be more info on that one in the near future, but until then just throw this one on repeat.        

MP3  ::  Deep in My Heart

(from Do With Me What You Will. Info here)




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