Stream :: Wilco – The Whole Love

If you hurry you can have a listen to Wilco’s forthcoming The Whole Love streaming at Wilcoworld until high noon on Sunday.  After three listens today it’s pretty apparent that the new album is the band’s best work since A Ghost Is Born, maybe even Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.  It’s hard to pick out highlights at this point, but opener “Art of Almost”, an epic, electronic-tinged rock song, is going to get a huge amount of attention – it’s brilliant and unlike anything the band has yet attempted.  Equally impressive though are a handful of dense, kaleidoscopic, impeccably-produced pop songs like “I Might”, “Dawned on Me”, and the title track.  And then there’s the gorgeous folk ballads “Open Your Mind” and “One Sunday Morning”.  Honestly, this is exactly the album I’ve been hoping for from Wilco for about 5 or 6 years now – sonically adventurous arrangements and Tweedy just locked in as a songwriter.  I’m so pumped that Wilco is back to being awesome.  The Whole Love drops 9/27 via the band’s own dPbm Records.

Stream  ::  Wilco – The Whole Love



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