[mp3] The Creepy Crawlies – “Get Buried!”

To my knowledge, it’s been 4+ years since we’ve heard from Chris Donlon, the “Chris” half of defunct West Coast indie/folk duo Chris & Mollie.  Their spirited + chaotic 2007 swan song The Palm Tree was an out-of-nowhere favorite of mine that year.  Now recording as The Creepy Crawlies, Donlon is (finally) working on a new full length called Get Buried! after a few years focusing on his career as a film editor.  The title track features playful, swooning back + forth boy/girl vocals, swirling sound effects, and some choice lines (“leave my body here on the shore/could be worse, could be nuclear war”).  It’s charmingly bummed-out indie-pop at its finest and a welcome return.  “Get Buried!” is currently part of the Denial Is A Free EP along with b-side “Not Thinking”.    

MP3  ::  Get Buried!

(from Denial Is A Free EP. Download here)



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