[video] The War on Drugs – “Come To The City”

Led by singer/songwriter Adam Granduciel, the best songs from Philly’s The War on Drugs have always conjured a sense of restlessness and movement.  “Taking the Farm” and “A Needle In Your Eye #16”, both from 2008 debut Wagonwheel Blues, are prime examples, as is the expansive and experimental “The History of Plastic” from last year’s Future Weather EP.  The video for “Come To The City”, one of many highlights on the band’s brilliantly atmospheric new record Slave Ambient, propels these feelings even further with its blurred images and flashes of color and light.  Eschewing trends at every turn, Granduciel’s band is taking classic rock idioms and reinvigorating them for a new age.  This open road is all blue skies, green lights, and straight ahead. 

MP3  ::  Come To The City

MP3  ::  Baby Missles

(from Slave Ambient. Buy here)





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