[video/mp3] WU LYF – “Dirt” + “Heavy Pop”

WU LYF’s Go Tell Fire on the Mountain mixes some disparate influences – chiming Edge-like guitars, panoramic arrangements + rousing crescendos, and the growling, primordial hardcore presence of vocalist Ellery Roberts.  The result is a debut that’s both distinctive and completely exhilarating.  The mysterious young band is from Manchester, have seen their hype grow exponentially leading up to their record’s recent release, and have nothing to do with The Wu-Tang Clan (as a lot of people, myself included, figured upon seeing their name….which stands for World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation btw).  Have a listen to the slow building “Heavy Pop” – the album’s closing track, whose title neatly sums up its overall aesthetic.

MP3  ::  Heavy Pop

(from Go Tell Fire On The Mountain. Buy here)




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2 responses to “[video/mp3] WU LYF – “Dirt” + “Heavy Pop”

  1. Really loving this album. Definitely living up to the hype!

  2. Michael Roy

    http://www.vimeo.com/25900408 heavy pop – live in Paris

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