PHW – Summer 2011 Mix

Though posting has slowed down considerably on PHW over the past few months for a variety of reasons, the amount of music I’ve been digesting hasn’t changed all that much.  This mix isn’t necessarily “summer” themed, but more a collection of the songs and artists who have dominated my listening since the end of March.  Enjoy:

MP3  ::  Georgia / Yuck

MP3  ::  ETC / Antiques

MP3  ::  Only In My Double Mind / Centro-matic

MP3  ::  Same Mistake / Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

MP3  ::  Creatures In The Sea / Jacob Faurholt

MP3  ::  Calgary / Bon Iver

MP3  ::  Oh, Why / Balam Acab

MP3  ::  I’m God (Instrumental) / Clams Casino

MP3  ::  An echo from the hosts that profess infinitum / Shabazz Palaces

MP3  ::  Escaping the Train of Transformation / Radio Seed

MP3  ::  Ice Cream (ft. Matias Aguayo)/ Battles

MP3  ::  Before The Bridge / Future Islands

MP3  ::  Misery / Big Troubles

MP3  ::  I Know She Does / Just Another Snake Cult

MP3  ::  Warm Moustache / Old Monk

MP3  ::  Love Me More / Roadside Graves

MP3  ::  Semi-Glorious / Bruce W. Derr

MP3  ::  I Will Always Love You (Dolly Parton cover) / Howth

MP3  ::  Dancing in the Dark (Springsteen cover) / Great Elk

MP3  ::  Fast Friends / Rocketship Park

MP3  ::  Baby Missiles / The War On Drugs

MP3  ::  Repatriated / Handsome Furs

MP3  ::  Believer / John Maus

MP3  ::  The Morning / The Weeknd

MP3  ::  Tiger Eyes (Laid Back) / Peaking Lights

MP3  ::  Bizness / tUnE-yArDs




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3 responses to “PHW – Summer 2011 Mix

  1. Michael Roy Yuck “Georgia” Live in Paris

  2. listened to peaking lights on vinyl a few months ago at a dj friend’s house.. amazing
    so glad to see them on your mix

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