[mp3] Centro-matic – “Only In My Double Mind”

Centro-matic, one of the great working rock bands of the past decade and a half, will release their first new album since 2008’s Dual Hawks next week.  According to band leader Will Johnson’s recent AD interview, Candidate Waltz marks a stylistic change of sorts for the band.  As Johnson says, “I wrote most of the songs on bass guitar.  That changed some things from the outset with respect to choice of vocal melody, cadence, and the relationships amongst the rhythm instruments.  It peeled things back and made me think about the writing in a different, less comfortable, or maybe just less habitual, way.  If there’s one thing this band can be knocked for over the years it’s the fact that their many albums all kind of bleed together – all excellent, but all cut from the same cloth.  Terrific first single “Only In My Double Mind” isn’t exactly a dramatic reinvention, but its deep, droning rhythm and elements of tension instead of release offer a glimpse into what Johnson may be talking about.  Very much looking forward to hearing more of Candidate Waltz.

MP3  ::  Only In My Double Mind

(from Candidate Waltz. Buy here)

New to Centro-matic?  The band has a staggering 24-track sampler available as a free download on their site.  Grab the whole thing, but check out “The Mighty Midshipman”, “Flashes & Cables”, “To Unleash the Horses Now”, “Triggers and Trash Heaps” or “D. Boon Free (Ninth Grade Crime)” for starters.  Listen here & download here.




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