Bruce W. Derr – The Therapist

Eternal PHW fave BWDdropped The Therapist, his first new album in over two years, a few weeks back.  Usually quite the prolific songwriter and DIY record maker, Derr focused most of his time since 2009’s Python touring with and playing guitar for Philly’s Marah – a gig he was seemingly born for, but one that only made him homesick.  Now back to doing his own thing full time, Derr spent a while (for him) tweaking his new songs and finding new sounds and approaches to recording.  Inspired mostly from his life on the road over the past year and the toll the transient lifestyle had on him, The Therapist is a more personal collection of songs than Derr’s past few efforts. “The Day I Said No To Rock & Roll”, a mid-tempo rocker with b-movie sounds effects, is about realizing your lifelong dream isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the sad confessional ballad “Semi-Glorious” treads similar thematic ground.

MP3  ::  The Day I Said No To Rock & Roll

MP3  ::  Semi-Glorious

(from The Therapist. Buy here)

And just for the heck of it, here’s “A Long Ride” – one of my very favorite Derr songs.  It’s from 2008’s excellent Mr. Personality and features Earl Pickens on guest vocals.

MP3  ::  A Long Ride

(from Mr. Personality. Buy here)



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