Introducing: Antiques

Capturing a perfect mix of shambling, Nuggets-era garage rock and skuzzy/heroic 90’s lo-fi, Antiques upcoming JWNS is easily one of the better records I’ve heard over the past few weeks.  While it’s the Brooklyn/Cambridge/Abilene band’s 4th full length, JWNS is the first to find these ears and has been playing on repeat for a few hours now.  As the band says, it’s “Our attempt at the epic garage album. Mostly about misanthropy.”  And it works from start to finish – these guys know how to work slow building ballads, tense rockers, and shoestring anthems – making for a record that simultaneously feels cohesive and ready to fall apart at the seams.  JWNS drops June 28.

MP3  ::  ETC

MP3  ::  Everybody! Do the Twist!

(from JWNS.  Info here)    




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