Introducing: Radio Barons


Hearing Brooklyn’s Radio Barons, a band with a clear love for the 80’s American underground scene, has conveniently coincided with the nostalgia-filled 80s/90s kick I’ve been on for the past week or so.  The band’s free Undone EP at once echoes R.E.M.’s early jangle, The Replacement’s recklessness, and, going back slightly further, Big Star’s tossed-off hooks.  The “lost in time” feel is also felt in the melodic urgency of “Video Song”, a song whose “gimme some time to work this out…on video” motif is a sentiment that can come across as relatively quaint by 2011 standards.  The band makes these throwback elements work though, injecting their songs with enough energy and heart-on-the-sleeve passion to never come across as anything less than completely charming.  Singer/guitarist Erik Arikian and drummer Gary Elliot both have roots in NYC and Boston punk & hardcore bands respectively, but there are only vague traces of such sounds on the garage-ready rock & roll songs they’re playing these days.  Plain and simple, this band is really hitting the spot right now for me.  Check out “Video Song” below and download Undone, as well as a handful of recent free short form releases, over at Radio Barons’ Bandcamp page.

MP3  ::  Video Song

(from Undone. Download here)

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