PHW – February 2011

Come “like” PHW on Facebook and keep up with what I’m listening to over there too.  Enjoy this mix of the month’s best new music right here: 

MP3  ::  The Piano Drop / Tim Hecker

MP3  ::  Fever When You Spoke / Shakysnakes

MP3  ::  Rest / Parts & Labor

MP3  ::  One Was A Lie / The Soft Province

MP3  ::  A Decent Warning / The Dogs

MP3  ::  Needles & Pins / Howth

MP3  ::  Last Night at the Jetty / Panda Bear

MP3  ::  Do What You Will / Papercuts

MP3  ::  Perfect Life / Belong

MP3  ::  Calls / That Ghost

MP3  ::  Love Crime / Secret Cities

MP3  ::  Touche / The Barettas

MP3  ::  Down By the Water / The Decemberists

MP3  ::  All I Want Is You / Adam Chandler



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