Grab Great Elk’s EP for Free

I caught the last show of Brooklyn indie-folk band Great Elk’s Rockwood Music Hall February residency shows last night, and it was truly impressive.  The five-piece band, led by singer/songwriter Paul Basile, is preparing to record a full length follow up to last year’s excellent self-titled debut EP sometime this spring/summer, so hopefully we’ll get more new music from these guys before the year is out.  For the time being, you can still download Great Elk for free over at their website for the next 3 days.  After that you’ll have to pay like 5 bucks or something, which is still a helluva deal.  Check out this stripped down version of “Further North” recorded live by The Wild Honey Pie a few months back:

MP3  ::  Bow Echo

MP3  ::  Vibrations

(from Great Elk. Download here)



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  1. martee

    where is the review where you talk about the fabulous company you were with while enjoying the show? i told my mom i was going to be on the inter-web.

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