(re)Introducing // Adam Chandler

I first wrote about Adam Chandler’s lower-than-lo-fi “All I Want Is You”, from his 2005 album Vacation, way back in early 2007.  The simple and straightforward jam just bristles with energy, and wound up being one of my favorites of that year.  You don’t hear this kind of confidence and swagger on home recordings very often, but Chandler sings as if he’s being backed by The Who or The Jam in front of a couple thousand screaming fans.  It’s perfect as it is but, as I said then, I can’t think of another song that demands a full band treatment like this one.

MP3  ::  All I Want Is You

(from Vacation)

Chandler followed up Vacation with 2007’s mostly acoustic (and even better), Icon T-Shirt.  “LBT” comes from that one and I love it for all the same reasons I said above.  After that album Chandler disappeared for a long time, but recently he sent along a couple of links to new videos of these older songs along with the news that he’s working on a new record called Spider Sleep due later this year.  Hell yeah.

MP3  ::  LBT

MP3  ::  Shine to Me

(from Icon T-Shirt)




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4 responses to “(re)Introducing // Adam Chandler

  1. Scott

    Dude, can you post a link to buy his albums?? I had no luck finding anything…

  2. would if i could scott – pretty sure they are out of print, but email adam if you want to know how to get them – spidersleeprecord@gmail.com

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