Introducing // The Dogs

Chicago’s The Dogs just sent over their upcoming album Camping, a free self-released record hitting bandcamp on March 1.  The first single is “A Decent Warning” and it’s a charming, deliriously catchy little indie/folk/pop gem that features terrific lead and background vocals, a driving beat, and a handful of well-placed F-bombs.  Prior to having it on repeat for the better part of the past half hour, I’ve been listening to a lot of things lately that are heavy on noise and atmosphere – Women’s Public Strain, Frog Eyes’ Paul’s Tomb: A Triumph, the new Mogwai and Tim Hecker records, and Belong’s forthcoming Common Era, as examples.  This is absolutely not like any of those, and tonight I’m all about the back-to-basics hooks and melodies I’m hearing pour out of this song.

MP3  ::  A Decent Warning

(from Camping. Info here)




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2 responses to “Introducing // The Dogs

  1. gold soundzzzz

    these guys are awesome!
    thank you so much!

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