Roadside Graves Announce New Album

Since there’s nothing else to talk about in the indie music world at the moment (wink wink)…word today came from John Gleason of Roadside Graves that the Jersey roots rockers are putting the finishing touches on their new record, We Can Take Care of Ourselves, and look to get it out by late spring/early summer.  Maybe it’ll win a Grammy next year.  The 11 song album was inspired by The Outsiders, both the S.E. Hinton novel and Francis Ford Coppola’s 1983 film, and follows last year’s You Won’t Be Happy With Me EP and 2009’s gritty tour de force My Son’s Home.  In addition, there’s a newly recorded song available for free download over at When You Awake called “This Morning”.  It’s part of their Music for the Morning After Valentine’s Day mixtape, which also features Strand of Oaks and William Tyler.  To my knowledge the song will not appear on the upcoming Graves record. 

MP3  ::  This Morning (follow link)

(from Music for the Morning After. Download here)

Here’s a crash course in the Graves, if needed:

MP3  ::  Liv Tyler

(from the You Won’t Be Happy With Me EP. Buy here)

MP3  ::  Ruby

(from My Son’s Home. Buy here)

MP3  ::  Radio

(from No One Will Know Where You’ve Been. Buy here)

MP3  ::  Jesus Is A Friend Of The Family

(from If Shacking Up Is All You Want To Do. Buy here)





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2 responses to “Roadside Graves Announce New Album

  1. Love this band, very excited for this album.

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