Introducing: Howth

Howth is a collaboration between Brooklyn’s Blake Luley and Minnesota’s Carl Creighton.  The duo recorded their new self-titled, “pay what you want” LP in a Brooklyn basement, though a more telling representation of their shambling, mid-fidelity folk-pop is that said apartment has since burned down.  The songs I’ve heard so far are loose and spontaneous, giving them both their undeniable charm and the feeling that they might implode at any moment.  “Needles & Pins” begins as an unassumingly heartbroken ballad that builds towards its cathartic choruses and that righteously distorted guitar solo, while the gently swaying “White Lights” is a bit more understated but no less affecting.  At one point on the former Creighton sings “this isn’t a beginning, this is only an end”, but I’m pretty sure we can expect the opposite.

MP3  ::  Needles & Pins

MP3  ::  White Lights

(from Howth. Download here)




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