PHW – January 2011

MP3  ::  Benzene  //  David Shane Smith

MP3  ::  Why Won’t You Talk About It?  // The Radio Dept

MP3  ::  Lauren  //  Medic Hands

MP3  ::  Ivory Carpets  //  Arrange

MP3  ::  Lord Knows Best  //  Dirty Beaches

MP3  ::  Devils Hearts Grow Gold  //  La Sera

MP3  ::  Golden Sea  //  French Films

MP3  ::  Kusmi   //  Minks

MP3  ::  Ratsbones  //  Bears In America

MP3  ::  Like I Do  //  Star Slinger

MP3  ::  The Merry Barracks  //  Deerhoof

MP3  ::  Chakra Drums  //  Halls

MP3  ::  Hatred of Music I  //  Tim Hecker

MP3  ::  Not Enough  //  J Mascis

MP3  ::  Damn These Vampires  //  The Mountain Goats

MP3  ::  I Follow Rivers  //  Lykke Li

MP3  ::  Superstition  //  Disappears

MP3  ::  Out Getting Ribs  //  Zoo Kid

MP3  ::  Be Not So Fearful  //  Damien Jurado & Richard Swift

As cold as it was outside, January 2011 was just plain white hot for quality new jams.  Here’s the best of them.

P.S. – If there’s anyone out there who can give me a quick tutorial on how to make a nice convenient ZIP folder for these songs that would be much appreciated. 



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  1. hey, thanks for the list. creating a .zip file is SUPER easy. put all the mp3 files above into a folder, right-click the folder, and there should be a ‘compress’ or ‘archive’ selection available depending on what compression software you are using. good luck!

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