[Throwback Sound] Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3 – “Amphetamine”

Over the past year or two I’ve kind of gotten away from what I originally intended PHW to be.  In the beginning I wanted to balance posting about new music with the classics that I cut my teeth on, but for one reason or another that’s taken a backseat for a long time around here.  With a new site and some new vigor I figured it was about time to rectify that.  “Throwback Sound” will (hopefully) be a recurring feature on PHW where I highlight great songs that I doubt today’s right-clicking new music junkie would know. 


Though far from a household name among today’s rock fans, Steve Wynn has been on the scene since the early 1980’s.  His first band, The Dream Syndicate, found success on college radio behind their minor classic debut The Days of Wine and Roses.  After that band went their separate ways, Wynn embarked on a solo career, releasing a string of quality rock records over the past two decades.  “Amphetamine”, from his 2003 album Static Transmission with The Miracle 3, is by far the best thing I’ve ever heard from him – an absolute rush of steady, kraut-like percussion and buzzsaw guitars designed specifically for maximum volume, windows down, and long stretches of open road.  Hearing it again this weekend for the first time in a while brings me back to the long gone time of discovering new music without the aid of the internet, a pleasure which is virtually forgotten for me these days.  It led off one of Uncut Magazine’s 2003 samplers of new music, and as soon as it exploded out of the speakers I knew I was hearing something special. 

MP3  ::  Amphetamine

(from Static Transmission. Buy here)

(photo cred)



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