[mp3] Tim Hecker – “Hatred of Music I”

As I’ve mentioned, Kranky ambient/drone composer Tim Hecker will follow his 2010 collaboration with Destroyer (the “Archer on the Beach” 12”) and 2009’s An Imaginary Country with a brand new full length of his own, Ravedeath, 1972 (with its amazing cover art), on 2/15.  The new album was recorded mostly in one day in a church in Reykjavik using pipe organ as the main source of sound, with help from some mic and guitar amp feedback, computers, piano, and synthesizer.  First single “Hatred of Music I” proves that Hecker can conjure more feeling out of a starkly minimal collection of sounds than most artists can with an entire orchestra at their command.  But honestly this record is best heard loud and late at night in its devastating entirety.

MP3  ::  Hatred of Music I

(from Ravedeath, 1972. Pre-order here)



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